D&M Mechanical Sales Products

APOLLO VALVES ApolloŽ valves
BRADLEY Wash fountains, prison fixtures, emergency equipment, showers, patient care, faucets, lenox lockers, mills washroom partitions, washroom accessories and thermostatic mixing valves.
CONBRACO BACKFLOWS Plumbing and heating products, backflow preventers, sewage treatment ball valves
Dole/Siebe Flow regulators and vents.
CALEFACTIO ASME & NON ASME expansion tanks. Glycol make up packages.
KELTECH Tankless water heaters.
Lochinvar High efficiency water heaters and boilers. Cadet residential boilers.
Snap-tite Solenoid valves.
Wessels Pressure vessels for commercial and industrial fluid control operations.
Wilson and Cousins Interior fire prevention equipment.
Zoeller Co. Effluent and dewatering pumps / Grinder pump / Zoeller on-site/Septic products